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In 1964

The faculty started to offer basic requirement courses (Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Mathematics) to the faculty of Engineering’s and Agriculture’s students on July 14, 1964. It was named Faculty of science and Arts by the Northeastern University Establishing Project (The first name of KKU).

In 1966

The faculty was founded as “Faculty of science and Arts” by the announcement of the Office of the Prime Minister and Royal Thai Government Gazette.

In 1978

The faculty was renamed “Faculty of Science”. It assisted of 1 secretary office and 5 departments: Mathematics, Statistics, Chemistry, Biology, Ecology and Physics.

In 1980

The secretary office was renamed to “The Dean’s office”.

In 1983

The faculty launched the Department of Statistics and renamed the “Department of Mathematics and Statistics” to the “Department of mathematics”.

In 1984

The Department of Geology was transferred to the Faculty of Technology and renamed “Department of Geotechnology”.

In 1987

The Dean’s Office consists of:

1. Policy and Planning Section

2. Management and Administration Section

2.1 Documents Unit

2.2 Personnel Unit

2.3 Building and Facilities Unit

3. Finance and Supplies Section

3.1 Finance and Accounting Unit

3.2 Supplies Unit

4. Educational Services Section

4.1 Registration Unit

4.2 Supporting and Academic Development Unit

4.3 Student Affairs Unit

In 1989

The faculty launched “Department of Microbiology”.

In 1991

The faculty added “Academic Services and Research Unit” to be the part of the Dean’s Office.

In 1992

The faculty launched “Department of Biochemistry”.

In 1994

The faculty launched “Department of Environmental Ecology” and “Department of Computer Science”.

In 1997

The Department of Environmental Ecology was renamed to “Department of Environmental Science.


The Faculty of Science consists of 9 department and the Dean’s Office:

1. Department of Mathematics

2. Department of Chemistry

3. Department of Microbiology

4. Department of Biochemistry

5. Department of Biology

6. Department of Physics

7. Department of Environmental Science

8. Department of Computer Science

9. Department of Statistics

10. Dean’s Office

10.1 Policy and Planning Section

10.2 Management and Administration Section

10.2.1 Documents Unit

10.2.2 Personnel Unit

10.2.3 Building and Facilities Unit

10.3 Finance and Supplies Section

10.3.1 Finance and Accounting Unit

10.3.2 Supplies Unit

10.4 Educational Services Section

10.4.1 Registration Unit

10.4.2 Supporting and Academic Development Unit

10.4.3 Student Affairs Unit

10.5 Academic Services and Research Section